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You are receiving this email because you opted into our VIP Membership club wanting our deal list and coupon codes. Some of these are Amazon.com deals that require a special coupon code at checkout.

These are UNADVERTISED DEALS! The deal is only good for as long as the coupon is good, so it’s always best to get to these as quickly as possible. Every one of these items is limited to just the number the seller makes available to us. Sometimes it’s 20 units, sometimes it’s 1,000 units, however, if more than an hour or two has gone by after us sending this email out, chances of an item being available at the discount goes way down. We are constantly asking sellers to increase the number of available units, however, our list keeps growing also. If you find that all of the codes no longer work, it’s probably been more than a few hours since the email went out. We try to send it out M-F at 2pm, and later on Saturday and Sunday.

REMEMBER! YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE COUPON CODES EXACTLY AS SHOWN -CAPITALIZATION MATTERS! It’s best to just copy and paste the code from this email right into the coupon box at Amazon.​​ Some of the codes are “one-time” use codes which when you click on the image, you go to a special page that issues you your very own code which can only be used once. Please understand that once you go to a one-time coupon code page, if you do not claim and use the coupon, it will expire and you will not be able to get another one. Since there are constantly new VIP Members joining, any previous deals that are still valid will remain on this list, with the newest deals always starting at the top.

? PLAY ALL DAY IN COMFORT – HIGHEST COPPER CONTENT: Sports stress out your joints. Our UNBEATABLE ALL-DAY knee support allows full range of motion and stability when you’re playing basketball, football, golf, soccer, cycling, tennis, skiing, hiking, cycling or running after the kids, ? EVERY SPECIAL SUPPORT YOU NEED: Experience unmatched support, comfort, and relief without impeding your mobility. Form fit design, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain joint stability regardless of activity while keeping you completely comfortable. SPECIAL FEATURES: Wicks away sweat, anti-odor copper, thermal to support pain relief yet breathable to keep skin cool, performance double silicone ANTI SLIP WEAVE, won’t chaff, stink or itch !, ? SPEED UP PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY: This compression knee sleeve is exactly what you need to speed up the recovery process for arthritis, tendonitis or meniscus. Our copper knee braces relieve stiff muscles and provide fast relief from joints due to injuries and restrict inflammation to help you get back into peak form !, ? OPTIMUM COMPRESSION: Knee compression sleeve applies graduated compression while providing complete freedom of movement and without the risk of blood clots . Our copper knee sleeves provide the necessary warmth to your joints to relieve pain and improve the blood circulation and muscular recovery, ? LIFETIME GUARANTEE – SUPPORTS YOU DAY & NIGHT: Easy to wear, breathable, lightweight and convenient, our soft unisex elastic brace keeps you dry and comfortable even with long use and make it easier to be worn all day throughout the night . ?IDEAL GIFT for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Deals of the Day or Christmas

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HUGE 7.5 ml! GREAT RESULTS: NEUCEUTICA is offering twice as much with 7ml tube. That is like getting 2 tubes for one compared to other sellers selling 3.5 ml. 96% of women experience thicker lashes with long lasting results, EASY APPLICATION: Simply apply nightly from the base of your lash-line or your eyebrow roots after cleaning and rinsing your face. Mascara use does not negatively impact efficacy., SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED BASED FORMULA: NEUCEUTICA spent years doing clinical research to find the most effective formulation using premium ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Trypeptides, SUFFER FROM SHORT LASHES OR THINING BROWS? NEUCEUTICA has the answer to short, thining lashes and brows. fLASH LASH Serum offers the best improvement in brow and eyelash beauty in the industry., TOTAL ASANA GUARANTEE: NEUCEUTICA wants you to be 100 percent satisfied with this product so they are offering a 6 month money back guarantee. NEUCEUTICA is so sure that you will be pleased with Neuceutica Products that they have extended the guarantee by 3 months. Must use continuously for continued results.

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Light to medium long lasting hold for immediate lift, Separates and defines curls with very low tack, Protects from damages during heat styling, Salon quality, Not tested on animals

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Contains 99.75% pure organic aloe vera gel; cold pressed from certified organic aloe vera plants, Thin aloe gel formula spreads evenly and penetrates easily with no sticky mess; not thick and gooey, Use as a daily moisturizer for face, skin, hair; moisturizing after shave lotion for men and women, Make DIY aloe vera products; aloe vera infused socks and gloves; DIY moisturizer cream, skin cream, Paraben free; no petrochemicals; no dyes; no alcohol; cruelty free; kid safe; pet safe; made in USA

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